True Classic launched in late 2019 and has grown to become one of the hottest direct-to-consumer men’s apparel brands in the market, continuing to experience rapid growth despite changes to digital advertising and the macroeconomic environment. Our purpose is to empower everyone to look good and feel good. Guided by a set core values that we embody, we chart our path to success:

Move the Needle 📈

We constantly refocus our efforts and eliminate busy work to drive measurable impact.
We play to our strengths, love to collaborate, and own our work.
We embrace simplicity, automation, and technology to amplify our force.

Go Fast ⚡

We are nimble, open-minded, and blaze new paths of least resistance.
We remove barriers, eliminate friction, and move at the speed of light.
We believe that “done is better than perfect” and fail forward to make progress.

Execute Like a Pro 🏁

We are doers, embody an owner’s mentality, and love winning.
We are thoughtful, strategic, and leverage data to move in the right direction.
We drive initiatives to completion and ensure the job is done right.

Be Creative 🎨

We believe that ingenuity is often the solution.
We solve problems resourcefully and think outside the box.
We develop fresh & bold ideas to challenge the status quo.

Lead with Empathy 🫶

We are inclusive, appreciative, and supportive of our employees & partners.
We listen to and obsess over our customers to consistently over-deliver.
We put ourselves in others’ shoes to deeply understand their perspective.

  • Unlimited Sick Days & PTO

  • Company paid medical, dental, and vision PPO insurance (Anthem Gold PPO)

  • 401k plan with 3% company match

  • Monthly $200 stipend for home office expenses

  • Free $1,000 worth of True Classic merchandise every year

  • Work from Home




Bloomington, MN

Boca Raton, FL

Calabasus, CA

Frisco, TX

Houston, TX

Minneapolis, MN